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Optus / Telstra Spotter

Do I Need an Optus / Telstra Spotter?

When working in the vicinity of telecommunications assets you have a legal “Duty of Care” and non-interference that must be observed. When you request DBYD for an area the telecommunication providers will send you DBYD Plans and an information package which include the requirements for providing Spotters when working around their assets.

Utec Solutions provide Optus / Telstra Spotters to meet the requirements for working around Optus and Telstra services. In addition can provide a turnkey-solutions including DBYD request, co-ordination with Telstra / Optus and positive identification

See below extracts from the asset providers information packages, for full information regarding your obligations please contact the asset provider or Utec Solutions.

Have an Optus Accredited Asset Locator identify the general location of the Optus asset and physically locate the asset where planned works may encroach on its alignment.

Physical location of the Optus asset by an Optus Accredited Locator will also be required where planned works are within the following approach distances of the general location of the Optus asset:

  • In built up metropolitan areas where road and footpaths are well defined by kerbs or other features a minimum clear distance of 1 meter must be maintained from the general location of the Optus 
  • In non-established or unformed metropolitan areas, a minimum clear distance of 3 meters must be maintained from the general location of the Optus 
  • In country or rural areas where wider variations may exist between the general and actual location of an Optus asset may exist, then a minimum clear distance of 5 meters must be maintained from the general location of the Optus 

If planned works are parallel to the Optus asset, then the Optus asset must be physically located by an Optus Accredited Locator at a minimum of 5 meter intervals along the length of the parallel works prior to work commencing.

Telstra Spotter


You must have current Telstra plans via the DBYD process.


Engage a Telstra Accredited Plant Locator. To be able to trace and identify individual subsurface cables and ducts requires access to Telstra pits and manholes. Only a Telstra Accredited Plant Locator (TAPL) is authorised to access Telstra network for locating purposes.


All Telstra assets must be positively identified (i.e. validated), by physically sighting them. For underground assets this can be done by potholing by hand or using non-destructive vacuum extraction methods (Refer to ‘validation’ as defined in AS5488-2013 QL-A).


Telstra assets must be protected to avoid damage from construction activities. Minimum working distances around Telstra network must be maintained.

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